The Story

G-spot is born from a friendship and a passion for electronic cigarettes.

The intent is, with the help of Master Essenze, to offer aromatic ideas and unique flavors that carry each Vaper in a moment of pure relaxation.

The first project focused on a classic for the vape world: vanilla. Obviously we have researched the perfect flavor in depth by blending the taste of 5 vanillas with a butter cream that also acts as a carrier.

Thus was born the Vanilla Gangbang, which launched our brand and gave us the first satisfactions.

The work of searching for flavor then turned towards a taste that was little explored by the world, but much loved in real life: the cherry.

Being able to enhance this taste was not at all easy. The goal was achieved through many trials and tastings of the product.

We have combined the milk cream with a fabulous taste of the red fruit and a grain of hazelnut that slowly rises during the vape. The taste is very reminiscent of the famous "croccante" an italian icecream.

Black cherry boobs was born!

At this point we headed towards another difficult challenge. We started exploring the combinations of a "dangerous" taste: the lemon. The perfect combination was born when we were able to enhance the flavour of the fruit with the sweetness of a biscuit.

We had created our third product: Sweet lemon job.

At this point, after being able to reach so many customers and have had welcome appreciation, we could have gone in a simple direction. We could have launched a flavour that was easy to combine with other flavors. We could have, indeed, but we did not.

We headed in a direction that only a few dared try to take because of those few ,many have failed: the coconut! Our latest creation is a perfect combination of the unmistakable flavor of the exotic fruit and white chocolate.

We have succeeded in creating a balanced and absolutely unique combination that has launched us to another level.

Cocko Play was born!

Time has begun to prove us right. Up to this point we have shown that quality pays.

In the first months of 2020 we therefore decided to take an even more exciting road, therefore, we undertook two collaborations.

The first with Alberto Ciaramella of "I Ragazzacci dello Svapo", from which a perfect fusion between contalupe melon and mandarin was born, all wrapped in a sweet harmony between chantilly cream and white chocolate chips.

Balancing these tastes was difficult, but after the months of work we got the desired pleasure!

Thus was born Mr. Alms!

Already at the end of 2019 we were working with another leading company in the sector: K-Flavor Company

For the first time we moved to a tobacconist, but with the G-Spot touch!

After many tastings and analyzes on the molecules, we melted our Gangbang with vanilla, then cream with butter and vanilla, with tobacco and peated whiskey.

The Dandy and his wife were born, whose fantastic promotional video is available here!